Terms and Conditions of hire

1.    Bookings will be accepted only after a minimum deposit of    25%   and a completed booking form have been received by us.

2.    The balance of hire charge is payable immediately upon the installation having been completed.

3.    In these Conditions “equipment” shall mean any marquee supplied by us together with any other items which may be hired with it. Unless the hirer shall have objected to the condition of the equipment and any defect therein has been noted in writing signed by or on behalf of both parties it shall be deemed that the equipment has been delivered and erected in good order and condition and it shall thereafter be at the hirers risk until it shall have been returned to our possession.

4.    All equipment must be returned or made available to us (as the case may be) at the end of the hire period in the same condition as received, fair wear and tear excepted. Optional insurance by Royal Marquees insurance company is available for you at 6%  of basic costs should you require it.

5.    We reserve the right to charge the hirer for the repair or replacement if the equipment is damaged.

6.     The hirer shall provide a  flat level and firm site for the erection of the equipment with easy access for transport and shall identify the location of any underground cables, pipes or drains which might be damaged whilst erecting the equipment. If any such services shall be damaged by the erection of the equipment we shall not be liable therefore unless we have failed to take account of information given to us and if the equipment itself or any person or other thing shall be damaged as a result of interference with such services in respect of which we have not been negligent the hirer shall indemnify us in respect of any loss caused.

7.     Hire charges do not include the planning and setting up of the layout of any tables or chairs which may be supplied equipment.

8.     The hirer may not move any marquee supplied as part of the equipment.

9.     Under no circumstances must open  fires be lit in the immediate vicinity of any of the equipment nor may any other form of heating or lighting employing an open flame be used in or near it or in such manner as to cause a risk of damage to the equipment.

10.    Marquees hired from us will be reasonably wind and watertight but are temporary constructions and to a certain degree will not safeguard against all weather conditions. Therefore we will not be responsible for any damage which may be caused to the property of the hirer or any third party by the effect of adverse weather conditions upon the equipment supplied and the hirer shall indemnify us against any claim by any third party in that respect.

11.    Force majeure: We will make every effort to complete an accepted order but if we are prevented by Labour disputes, accidents, damage by a previous hirer or any other cause whatsoever beyond our control we will not be liable.

12.    Booking deposits may be forfeited if any order is cancelled, and in respect of any order cancelled within the following periods before the function,  we reserve the right to charge the following percentages of the full price (less the deposit retained by us) and we shall not be obliged to accept any such cancellation except upon the proportion of the full charge shown below:      

(a)  31  to  60 days - 25%   (b)  8    to  30 days - 50%    (c)  7  days   - 90%

If  we have charged more than 25% upon cancellation but are able to re-hire the equipment during the same intended period of hire we will refund such portion of our charge as will reduce our charge to 25%.

13.     If an order is placed for equipment and we discover when arriving on site that there is some reason why it cannot be erected without such reason having been previously made known to us, we accept no responsibility for the inconvenience nor any other claim.

14. If the consent of any other person or authority is necessary before the equipment may be erected it is the hirers responsibility to obtain it.

15.  We shall be entitled to amend our price at any time before accepting a deposit and thereafter we may also amend it if we discover obstacles on the site previously undisclosed by the hirer (including difficulties of access in respect of which we may make an additional charge for carriage) and if (in the case of such an amendment after the deposit has been accepted) the hirer does not find such an amendment acceptable Condition 12 shall apply to any cancellation.. If the hirer accepts an amendment he shall if so required acknowledge such acceptance in writing before the equipment is erected.

16. The equipment may be dismantled and removed at any reasonable time after the event.

  • Wedding Package Offer and all bookings is subject to stock availability at time of order confirmation.
  • Delivery will be calculated and charged in addition to your chosen package price. 
  • Colour options on swags are available - subject to stock availability.
  • All ground information to be supplied by the hirer and checked and authorised by the hirer.
  • All bookings are for one weekend hire only.  Set up and take down dates to be arranged on booking.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to insure their event, for all equipment supplied for the whole hire period.
  • In addition our full company terms and conditions apply. Copy on request.
  • Optional extra's can be arranged, prices on request, subject to availability.
  • Suitable parking for company vehicles and access required.
  • Marquees of Wisbech Ltd   Trading as Royal Marquees.

Marquees Of Wisbech Ltd Trading As Royal Marquees